WirelessBerry V 1.0


WirelessBerry V 1.0 is an extension board for RaspBerry Pi. It is an Open Hardware Design. It has two functionalities: a RFM module and an on board Real Time clock powered by a 12 mm battery.

Raspberry Boards Compatibility

WirelessBerry V1.0


The RF Module is based on SI4432 a SPI controlled single chip wireless ISM transceivers. The Si4432 offers advanced radio features including continuous frequency coverage from 240–960 MHz in 156 Hz or 312 Hz steps allowing precise tuning control. Additional system features such as an automatic wake-up timer, low battery detector, 64 byte TX/RX FIFOs, automatic packet handling, and preamble detection reduce overall current consumption and allow the use of lower-cost system MCUs. The RF module installed on WirelessBerry works in the following frequency range 410-440MHZ. The real time clock is based on DS3231 with internal oscillator I2C controller. It is full compatible with linux too. The spiral antenna is present, but not welded to reduce the dimensions and cost of shipping. It is possible to connnect an external antenna on X1 RF connector in order to increase the radio coverage.



It is possible to buy this board for only 24€, the antenna kit is sold separately for 10€.

Hardware implementation

WirelessBerry PI 1.0 is composed by two blocks: a RF Module, and a Real Time Clock.



Software examples

Download Wheezy raspbian Prerequist:

1. SPI enabled
2. wiringPi installed

The demo codes are available for download on WirelessBerry web page

WiBerry-Server Software

WiBerry-Client Software


The Si4432 porting for Raspberry Pi derives from RadioHead RF22B library for Arduino.


Schematic PDF

EalgeCAD File

WirelessBerry Datasheet 


How to use RTC DS1307Z (DS3231)

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