Canberry V 1.0

Canberry V 1.0

Canberry Pi V 1.0 is an extension board for Raspberry Pi. It is an Open Hardware Design. It has two functionalities: a can bus module and an onboard Real Time clock powered by a 12 mm battery. In figure is shown the Board on Raspberry PI.
The CanBus is based on MCP2515 SPI controller and the MCP2551 tranceiver. All functionalities are full integrated in standard linux kernel, so, they can be avaible on fly, or at last recompiling linux kernel to add canbus functionalities. The real time clock is based on PCF8523 I2C controller. It is full compatible with linux too. Using I2C Kernel module, and standard kernel functions, date and hour can be set/get by simple commands. On the bottom side is located an on board battery to guarantee a data autonomy more than 20 years. In chapter hardware there are all informations on principal components, schematics to rebuild and modify RaspBerry PI board. In chapter Software is reported how all hardware can be used: as recompile kernel, build simple user space function to set and get I2C data, etc… In chapter application is reported a typical example of how to use the board.

You can purchase this board, for only 19,90 $ + VAT 22%, with the contact form.

This board is not longer available, you can purchase the version 1.1.

Raspberry Boards Compatibility

CanBerry Pi V1.0 Datasheet

CanBerry V1.0 Eagle files

RTC C and SH Software example

You need a 4 GB SD card.

Download SD ISO

After your raspberry has been booted, go to home directory:

sudo su
cd /home/pi/can-test

load all needed modules

insmod can.ko
insmod can-dev.ko
insmod can-raw.ko
insmod can-bcm.ko
insmod mcp251x.ko

So the system is ready.

To set can0 as a network device:

ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 500000

then you can use standard canbus command to use the peripheral:

./candump can0 -> to monitoring can bus traffic

./cansend can0 7DF#0201050000000000 -> to send canbus commands

Use the ISO production described in Canberry V1.1 page…

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