Our goal

Industrialberry.com is an “Open Electronic Schematics” project for embedded systems. We are a group of Engineers and Ph.D.S from Italy (Milan) loving Raspberry PI board and everything about embedded electronics. For this reason we want to create a community with the aim of helping people working on the embedded world. Join us and submit your project giving people the opportunity to improve it. We will be pleased to review your design (if necessary) and publish it on this website.

If you like our idea, you are free to download the schematics and modify them, you can also suggest improvements and new projects. We will create a forum as soon as possible, allowing everyone to suggest ideas for new boards.

Why this name?

The first two projects we worked on, were about industrial control. The name “Industrialberry” came up from the fusion of industrial control and raspberry.

Do you like this project? You could buy a board in order to support and help us developing new embedded devices. At the moment it is possible to buy a board by sending a message using the contact form, since we have a limited stock of boards. The selling price of each board is made up of bill of the materials plus 40 pecent (shipping and customs costs not included). You can find detailed billing costs in the boards documentation, along with all the informations you need to rebuild and modify the board.
If our project will receive a positive feedback and some kind of visibility, we will start scheduling the production and setup an online shop with ours/your boards.

The use of the instructions, kits, projects and suggestions is at your own risk. Industrialberry and all the authors, publishing their projects and materials, disclaim all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury, expense. It is your responsibility to make sure to work on your project in safety for you and people around you.

All the boards of industrialberry are compatible with the new Raspberry Pi B+ , Pi2 B, Pi3 B, Pi3 B+ and Pi4. See the link for new connector pinout.

Certification Disclaimer